6x0.75 Oak

6x0.75 Oak

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6x0.75 British Oak
Actual size: 150mm x 19mm

Oak timbers are cut from the heartwood of the log. This part of the log is rated as very durable and its natural decay resistance should provide an exterior service life in excess of 20 years with minimal or no maintenance if installed correctly.

The natural colour is commonly a light brown with an olive cast when initially cut, this will weather to a silver-grey. Oak is a strong, heavy timber.

Oak reacts with iron when wet which will result in staining and discolouration. Where practical the use of stainless steel fasteners is recommended.

Oak has moderately high shrinkage value, resulting in mediocre dimensional stability and is prone to cracking as it dries. You should consider our oak as ‘green’ ie. Freshly cut, however as we tend to cut oak in batches some pieces may have had a period of air drying.