About Us

We are a small family run sawmill in rural Carmarthenshire, West Wales. Our modern sawmill is housed in a 4000sq ft building on a 2 acre site in the village of Talley. All the timber we sell has been sawn by us directly from the log. We are not a timber merchant; we are a sawmill which sells its own timber. We buy certified logs from forest and estate management companies to an exact specification. Our specification ensures that we get the highest quality timber from the log at the best efficiency. 

All timber is sawn to order; this is how we can offer such a variety of sizes. The timber comes directly from the saw so will have a fine sawn finish. 

We further process and market all our waste products: Offcuts are either sold as slabs for biomass heating or chipped on site to provide mulch for landscaping. Our sawdust is segregated by type and sold for different applications from animal bedding to food smoking. Nothing is wasted, once the log enters the sawmill every part of it is utilised.

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Environmental Policy

We take pride in delivering a quality service, and in adding value to the local community and the wider environment.  As such we are committed to proactively managing our environmental and sustainable development impacts.  We abide by all relevant legislation and codes of practice, and are committed to pollution prevention and the continual improvement of our sustainability impacts. 

Our key areas of improvement focus on site energy efficiency, waste management and the procuring of raw materials. Specifically, we plan to: 

  • Monitor & manage our utilities, specifying energy and water efficient fixtures, fittings and equipment

  • Ensure all employees understand the importance of good environmental stewardship, and deliver regular training to support this

  • Record electricity, water and gas consumption to identify wastage and gauge the effectiveness of improvements made

  • Implement the waste hierarchy in all we do

  • Source raw materials locally from sustainably managed plantations and woodland, increasing the quantities of sustainably certified timber we handle

  • Maintain a clean and tidy site, carefully managing and eliminating sources of nuisance and pollution

  • Increase the biodiversity values of our outside space, providing habitats for bugs, birds and bees

  • Wherever possible support local trades and suppliers, reducing mileage and increasing our contribution to the local economy

  • Employ locally and invest in our workforce 

We will regularly review our progress and take remedial action in the event of us falling short of our aims & objectives.  This document is a living policy, reviewed annually, and we welcome the input and comments of customers, suppliers and employees.